The Antrim 27 Goes to 11 sure had a blast at this year’s Toliva Shoal Race

Goes to 11 skipper, Jeremy Bush, sent us this great video capturing their team’s effort during the Toliva Shoal Race last weekend. Jeremy told us that he’s very new to the Antrim 27, and has only been racing for about four years. So, it’s particularly cool to see someone that’s new to the community out there having fun, sending it, and having success. Jeremy is also an active volunteer, as Vice Commodore of CYC Tacoma.

Jeremy elaborated, “This is our first race with big air, our first time planing, first time hitting 11+ knots, first time broaching, and first time finishing a complete Toliva Shoal Race! It was a day of firsts, and a whole lot of fun…until the upwind.”

At 4:23, Jeremy and crew think the breeze is dropping and put up the full size kite. Some excitement ensues, including two different cameras of the wipeout and recovery. What can we say, as long as no humans or boats were harmed…we’re suckers for broach videos!

All in all, it was a fun day, and the Goes to Eleven crew took home a podium position in their class!

OYC/SSSS Toliva Shoal Race Results 2020

Pos Boat   Boat Type Skipper
PHRF 1 – Multihull
1 Trickster Corsair 28R Rafe Beswick
2 Pax the Spacespider F-32 Rod Tharp
1 Absolutely Farr 39 ML Charlie Macaulay
JAM J/160
Bill Fox
1 STRING THEORY Olson 40 Robert King
2 Kahuna Aerodyne 38 Jenny Leitzinger
3 Izakaya Flying Tiger 10 Iain Christenson
4 EQUUS Jeanneau 53 Dean Conti
Shelley Conti
5 McSwoosh 11 meter Clark McPherson
1 Great White J/35 DAN WIERMAN
2 Tantivy J/109 Stuart Burnell
3 Lodos J/109 Tolga Cezik
4 Darkside Schock 35 Nicholas Leede
5 the Boss J/35
Chad Stenwick
6 Grace E J/35
Brian White
7 Altair J/35 Jason Vannice
8 Rock paper scissors Express 37
Hans Seegers
9 Gan Y Dwr C&C 121 Justin Jones
1 Dos Sierra 26 Brad Butler
2 Lightly Salted Beneteau First 10R Mel Schaefer
3 Goes to 11 Antrim 27 Jeremy Bush
4 Zig Zag Tartan 101 Aaron Schofield
1 Dulcinea J/105 Matthew Gardner-Brown
1 Bodacious Beneteau 35s5
j Rosenbach
2 Chinook S2 9.1 JJ Hoag
John Hoag
1 Nimbus Evelyn 26 Mark Harang
2 Cherokee Cal 33 Peter Stewart
3 Djinn J/30 John Martens
Joellen Martens
4 demi moore Moore 24 Jon Knudson
Per Lundgren
Commodore Flying Sails
1 Greybeard Thunderbird Mark Anderson
2 White Squall Cal 40 Roger Deitz
3 Balder 2 Ericson 38 Joe Downing
4 Folie `a Deux Beneteau 35s5
Jeff Johnson
5 Steamy Windows Jeannaeu 43 DS Laura Sullivan
6 Emma Lee Catalina 30 Robert Butts
Cruising Non-Flying Sails
1 KOOSAH Pearson 36-1 Dave Knowlton
2 Jolly Rumbalow C&C 34+ Richard Bigley
3 Echo Catlina 38 William “Steve” Miller
4 Desert Sage Catalina 42 Alberto Napuli