Here & Now

Pat Denney


CYC Seattle

Score: 97.1%

Fisheries Supply again joins 48° North in recognizing the high level of racing here in the Pacific Northwest. Tracking the racing results of selected series from Olympia, Washington to Vancouver, B.C., our Top 25 rewards not just the occasional bullet, but participation and consistent, top-notch sailing.

This year, Pat Denney‘s J/29, Here & Now, took the coveted #1 spot in our Top 25 list. Congratulations to Pat and his crew!

The following sailing events were scored:
• South Sound Sailing Society Southern Sound Series
• CYC Seattle Center Sound Series
• Sloop Tavern YC Blakely Rock Benefit Race
• CYC Seattle Pacific Northwest One Design (P.O.D.)
• Seattle YC Tri-Island Series
• CYC Seattle Puget Sound Spring Regatta
• West Vancouver YC Southern Straits Classic
• Royal Victoria YC Swiftsure International Yacht Race
• Whidbey Island Race Week
• Bellingham YC PITCH Regatta
• Orcas Island YC/Friday Harbor SC Round the County Race
• CYC Seattle Puget Sound Sailing Championship

With a mix of distance and multi-race regattas, these twelve races make for a good representation of Northwest racing. Check the 2019 Seattle Area Racing Calendar inserted within this issue or at your yacht club for upcoming races.

Boats were scored on a percentage basis (depending on the size of the class), with an average of your best five of the listed events. Event scores were from 0% (did not finish) to 100% (first in class), where the event score = (finishers – position + 1) / finishers. Ties were broken by incrementally adding more events, or left to stand if necessary. There was no minimum number of races required to qualify. If a boat completed fewer than five races, they were scored the same as “did not finish.”

Our goal is to celebrate success across wind ranges, regatta venues, and disciplines. Each boat earned her spot on our list. Our hats are off, not only to all the outstanding skippers and crews who make our Top 25 2018 list, but to all of you out there racing our challenging Northwest waters.

This year’s 48° North/Fisheries Supply Top 25 skippers may pick up their Battle Flag at the 48° North booth during the Seattle Boat Show at CenturyLink Exhibition Hall, Booth West #10, or our the office after the show.


More Jubilee

Erik Kristen


CYC Seattle

Score: 95.1%




Brad Butler

Sierra 26

Port Madison YC

Score: 90.5%



Different Drummer

Charles Hill

Wauquiez Centurion 40

CYC Seattle

Score: 88.9%




Jerry Diercks


CYC Seattle

Score: 88.0%




Stuart Burnell


CYC Seattle

Score: 85.6%



Bravo Zulu

Denny Vaughan

Beneteau 40.7

CYC Seattle

Score: 79.5%




Chris Phoenix


CYC Seattle

Score: 78.7%




Charlie Macaulay

Farr 39ML

CYC Seattle

Score: 78.2%



Last Tango

Jim Geros


CYC Seattle / Sloop Tavern YC

Score: 78.1%



Wicked Wahine

Darrin Towe

Melges 32

CYC Seattle / Seattle YC

Score: 78.0%



Kiwi Express

Reinhard Freywald

Farr 1020

CYC Edmonds

Score: 77.4%




David Steffen

Beneteau First 36.7

Bellingham YC

Score: 74.5%




Brad Butler

Sierra 26

Port Madison YC

Score: 73.3%




Megan Kogut

Aphrodite 101

CYC Edmonds

Score: 72.0%




Dougherty / Andrews


Sloop Tavern YC

Score: 68.7%




David James

Beneteau First 36.7

CYC Seattle

Score: 68.6%




John Buchan

TP 52

Seattle YC

Score: 66.0%




Jeff Whitney

C&C 115

CYC Seattle

Score: 65.5%




John Cahill

Ross 930

CYC Seattle

Score: 64.6%




McPhail / Fox


Gig Harbor YC

Score: 64.3%



Moose Unknown

John Aitchison


CYC Seattle / Sloop Tavern YC

Score: 64.3%




Dan Randolph

Farr 30

Sloop Tavern YC

Score: 63.3%




John Sezer


CYC Seattle

Score: 61.6%




Kwadwo Copeland

Thunderbird 26

CYC Seattle

Score: 61.0%