Sail, power, or paddle — every boat has a story, and boat owners love sharing them! 48° North’s “My Boat” is the place to tell those stories and boast a little about what makes your boat special. The next My Boat column chosen for the pages of 48° North will receive a free 48° North hat and print subscription to enjoy yourself or give as a holiday gift! Submit by December 1, 2023, to be considered!

Here are a few examples of My Boat columns from recent issues of 48° North: Devlin Surf Scoter 22, Custom Dogpatch 26, Swan 391.

To share your boat with fellow boaters and 48° North readers, we’ll need you to answer a series of questions and send us some pictures. 

A few tips: Try to answer the questions as if you’re having a casual conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee or a couple of beers. Have fun with your answers and take readers along for the ride. If there any are any questions you’re unable to answer, just leave them blank. And if you want to add a question or two, feel free! 48° North editors will write a short introduction and edit your answers for grammar, spelling, and style if need be, so don’t worry about those. Please send us 4-10 high resolution photos that show off your boat in all its glory, including at least one of you aboard.  

To get started, fill out this questionnaire or copy and paste the questions below into an email or document, fill out the answers and email them, along with images, to


Boat Name:

Boat Owner’s Name:

Boat Manufacturer, Model, Length and Year:


When did you buy your boat?


Tell us about your boat’s name.

Have you owned other boats before this one?

Tell us the story of how you found your boat and what makes it special to you. 

What’s the history of your boat? (Where’s it been? Who built or designed it?  Has anyone famous owned it before you?) Tell us its story.

What do you like best about your boat?

What do you know now about your boat that you wish you’d known when you bought it? Would that have changed your mind?

What’s your favorite story involving your boat?

Describe the most challenging situation you’ve experienced on your boat and how it performed.

Tell us a little about your boating background.

Where do you plan to take your boat? Do you have a dream destination?

If someone gave you $20,000 that you could only spend on your boat, what would you do with it and why? 

If you could have any other boat, what would it be and why? 

What didn’t we ask you about your boat that you wish we had?



Note: Feature images courtesy of John Baker aboard the 1991 Jeanneau 44 Tlingit.