Sea Feasts of British Columbia

Raising the oars from the water, I let our dinghy ghost ahead into the small cove surrounded by moss covered rocks and tall conifers. A bald eagle wheeled high above the island group and, besides the rustling of water from…

Tender Feelings

There comes a time in many major rebuilds when thoughts of infidelity arise. You’ve just spent $600 on a spray foam insulation kit; emptied your boat’s interior of every last cushion, book, and can of baked beans; taped over…

The Dreaded Lopez Channel

Making it into Fisherman Bay Takes Patience and a Sing-Song Assist

Marina del Rey to Astoria

Hopping North Up the Coast to Get a Newly Acquired Grand Banks Home

Healing My Sailing Anxiety

How I Learned to Enjoy the Sailing Portion of the Cruising Lifestyle I Love

Close to the Water: A Second Cruise with My Mate

A Second Cruise Brings Border Crossings, Uncertainty, and Lessons Learned.

A Weekend Cruise with the Whole Family

The author enjoying local sailing. "Hold…

Sailing With Strangers

Finding Worldwide Voyaging Experiences Aboard Other People’s Boats

Dancing Bear Magic

A passage from Haida Gwaii to Tofino brings big winds, seas and learning opportunities.

Mischief on the Edge

Sharing the knowledge —…