Leatherman FREE K2 and K2X Multi-Tool

Leatherman’s new FREE K2 and K2X Multi-Tool is multipurpose and functionality redefined. Made in Portland, Oregon, and covered by a 25-year warranty, the FREE K2 includes a 3.3-inch non-serrated blade and seven additional tools, including a pry tool, awl, bottle opener, and three sizes of Phillips screwdrivers. (The K2X features a combo blade with a short serrated section). Each implement is housed on the outside of an ergonomically refined aluminum body for quick access, a superior grip, and ease of use. Every feature on the tool can be opened and operated with one hand, enabling the user to keep the other hand free for situations that require multitasking or a free hand. The FREE’s ingenious magnetic locking system allows safe, smooth use of each implement, letting you work with speed and confidence whether you’re up a mast or bracing yourself on a wet deck. Price: $69.95.  Leatherman.com

Winch Caddy Beverage Holder

Developed and refined out on the waters of Seattle, the Winch Caddy performs a simple yet important task—holding your drinks to prevent spilling on your boat. Manufactured from premium plastic material that provides excellent UV resistance and strength, and a high gloss finish, the Winch Caddy fits into all standard size sailing winches and Scotty fishing rod mounts. It holds standard beverage cans and bottles and has drainage holes located at the bottom. For convenient storage down below or in
a cockpit locker, multiple Winch Caddy holders can be stacked together. The Winch Caddy is available in three colors: Red, light blue, and white.
Price: $19.99.  winchcaddy.com

Sta-Plug® Mini

Stopping a leak aboard a boat is rarely a simple, one size fits all, plug-and-play affair, especially with old wooden bungs. Forespar helped solve this problem with their original Sta-Plug® emergency cone. Now, they’ve introduced the Sta-Plug® Mini™, a new form-fitting emergency plug with all the same benefits but in a smaller, compact size. The soft cone-shaped design allows it to easily fill the irregular shapes of hull impact breaches, as well as any round hole leak from a hose or through-hull. Its unique, edge gripping riblets hold the plug in place to keep water out. The riblets help Sta-Plug® conform to the shape of the hole, sealing a leak near the edge where a tight fit is crucial. Made in the USA, the Sta-Plug® Mini™ is 4-inches tall and has a 2-inch diameter at the base. It meets US Sailing Special Equipment Requirements and is equipped with a lanyard hole to attach it at or near a seacock. Price: $19.95 per two-pack.  Forespar.com